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InterNetwork Media, Inc/INM

INM was one of the early digital companies developing and publishing its own original CD-ROM titles and working with clients to co-develop their content(1993-1998). INM spun out of InterNetwork, Inc (INI) and both companies were pioneers in developing digital new media. Over the years the INM team included: Design/Creative/Tech: Lenny Sirota, Scott Bancroft, Jim Roche, Jeff Guerra, Eric Alston. Marketing/Sales: Rob Schliff, Kevin Cochran, Jake Grubb.

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New Media Publication/Cd-Roms

INI and INM’s ground-breaking work led to the Presidential Design Award for Excellence from Bill Clinton (1992). Digital presentations were created and shown at important events (TED 2 and 3, Apple Developer Conference, etc.). Ten acclaimed CD-ROM titles were published, two of which debuted at the Smithsonian Institution’s 1995 Ocean Planet Exhibition. CD-ROMs developed and published by INM included: GeoMedia (with the USGS), Surfology 101, and Embracing Earth: Global Change and for NOAA’s National Ocean Service division (e.g., Turning the Tide, Our Crowded Shores, Integrated Coastal Management).

Select Presentations/Events

As the state-of-the-art digital graphic and design technologies developed in the 1980s, INI integrated them into projects and was recognized in the growing industry for pioneering work. New Media technology companies gave INI beta software applications to help refine product development and identify bugs/problems (e.g., HyperCard /Apple, PageMaker/Aldus now Adobe, VideoWorks II /MacroMedia/now Adobe) and hardware to test (Apple). I gave presentations and demos of our cutting-edge work at design, technology, science conferences (e.g., Redford’s Greenhouse Glasnost, TED2 & TED3) and art galleries in the US and abroad. The phrase then was “demo or die” as often demos would fail with the new tech. It was a heady time pushing the boundaries and INI & INM received acclaimed reviews, sometimes bleeding at the “bleeding edge.”