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Photography has been an on-going aspect of my work since the mid-1960s. Most of the photographs were shot for content for INI and INM design projects creating an archive of tens of thousands of photos. My focus on more experimental, fine art photography began in 2006 with the Yakshi Series exploring movement and energy fields. The Bent Space Series explore energy fields as the imagery/scene is moving time and space. Khajuraho Apsara Series illustrate my wife, Kamla K. Kapur’s book, Radha Sings: Love Poems to Krishna. Monsoon Himalaya are on-going studies of cloud moisture in the Upper Seraj Valley, where we live six months each year. Small Details / India and Steps / India draw their inspiration from my travels in this incredible country. Yakshi and Bent Space photos are not digitally manipulated to create their dynamic motion. They result from a mix of premeditated intent and spontaneous action. Photoshop is occasionally used for cropping and contrast.