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Embracing Earth:
New views of our changing planet Chronicle Books, 1992

Dramatic, full-color satellite sensor and Space Shuttle photographs taken from space showing the magnificence of Earth’s natural phenomena, such as volcanic eruptions, storms, and troubling human impacts on our Home Planet. Co-authored with Kevin W. Kelly, editor of the best selling The Home Planet.

Celebrating the world of yiddish Simon & Schuster, 2002

An eclectic introduction to the Yiddish language and its culture in America throughout the past century considers its grammatical and vocabulary basics, offers a wealth of expressions and insults, and profiles Yiddish influences on the arts, food, and education. Co-authored with Charles M. Levine and Sol Steinmetz.

You In The WorldTarang Press, 2010

You In The World is a suite of poems addressed to the reader. They cover topics from the individual to culture; the self and dreams; the past and present, and death.

The World In YouTarang Press, 2015

The World in You is a series of poems addressed to the reader. The book is the follow-on volume to You in the World (Tarang Press, 2010).

Wild TreasuresAn Anthology, 2019

Opening anthology chapter – Reflections on GHNP