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My first electronic keyboard was the early Casio PT-1 two-octave electronic keyboard purchased for $70 in 1980. From there I moved up to a sophisticated Yamaha DX7 in 1986, which opened up the world of the digital keyboard synthesizer improvs. Its many voices/instruments allowed creating and mixing tracks and rhythms expanding my graphic digital life from pixels to sound bits.

I dropped out of my DX7 life after about ten years and returned to my Kawai acoustic piano. In 2013, creating my VideoTonePoems/VTPs, catalyzed the resumption of electronic/synthesizer composition. After six intense months of effort, along with the help of Mason Tripp (an excellent sound master and tech guru), I learned the basics of the MOXF-6 and LogicProX software so that I could mix and compose sound tracks for the VTPs.

Mixing Up Balaban & Hang Drum- 2018-A

Mixing Up Piano, Alto Legato, & MOXF – 2017-A

Slow Zen Koto, Early 1980s

More music coming soon. Watch this space.