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I started making short experimental movies in 1966 with a 16mm Bolex my mother gave me. As time and resources permitted, I continued to shoot film and made two professional documentaries, one on Antarctica that aired on PBS (1978). The advent of digital video allowed more freedom and I started shooting 8mm and then Hi-8 for INM CD-ROM content. Shooting short clip outtakes during travel enabled me to create extensive film/video archives. With HD digital video the process continues and I have shot thousands of short outtakes on HD cameras and my iPhone for use in the VideoTonePoems™.


Desert of Life, Sea of Ice (1978)

23:56 min

Voices & Choices


Great Himalayan National Park 2005

23:57 min

Kullu Health Mela-1


Himachal Child Health Care Project 2006

7 min

Kullu Health Mela-2


My Himachal Child Health Care Project 2008

7 min

The Art Of Payson R Stevens

Profile on Indian National television

Doordarshan TV August 2008

11:37 min

TABO: A Thousand Years of Prayer


Documentary on ancient Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India 2008

23:07 min

Dark Forest

Solo Art Exhibition American Center

US Embassy, New Delhi

September 15-25, 2009

4:51 min

EnergyLandscapes Exhibit


SWCC Art Exhibition

Southwestern College Art Gallery

San Diego, CA

Jan-Feb 2010

14:14 min