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Science InterActive[TM] announces the release date of Embracing Earth[TM]: Global Change
What Is Happening To Our Planet? El Niño Alert? Ozone Depletion? Getting Warmer? CD-ROM Available Fall 1997. Preview coming soon!

El Niño CD-ROM Goes 'ECO' in Hollywood
On October 2nd, InterNetwork Media, Inc. announced that their new CD-ROM, titled Embracing Earth[TM]: Global Change will feature several award-winning public service announcements from the archives of the Earth Communications Office based in Los Angeles.

New Lower Prices on Educational Software
We've lowered the prices on our latest CD-ROM releases including GeoMedia[TM], Turning the Tide[TM], and Surfology 101[TM]­ Only here will you find these low prices. Order now through a Secure Web Server!

Beta Testers Receive FREE Software
It's easy! Answer a few simple questions and in exchange, we'll send you a complimentary Beta copy to test out in your home or school!

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