OCTOBER 2nd, 1997


SAN DIEGO, Ca ­InterNetwork Media, Inc.[INM], Presidential Design Award winners, announced today that their new CD-ROM, titled Embracing Earth[TM]: Global Change, will feature several award-wining Public Service Announcements [PSA's] from the archives of the Earth Communications Office[ECO] based in Los Angeles.

The Global Change CD-ROM will be available November 30th with a retail price of 29.95. Targeted to educators, students, and the home market, Global Change will explore the natural and human forces that shape and reshape Earth's land, oceans, and atmosphere. It includes in­depth coverage of El Niño, Ozone Depletion, and Climate Change.

Some of ECO's well­known PSA's are featured including HIDDEN CITY, MOTHER, POWER OF ONE, and WONDERFUL WORLD. The PSA's have been shown on tens of thousands of movie screens across the country and around the world.

"We are excited to include ECO's critically-acclaimed PSA's in our Global Change CD-ROM", says Rob Schliff, Marketing & Sales Manager for InterNetwork Media, "With ECO's PSA's seen by more than 500 million people worldwide, we consider them a valuable addition to our CD-ROM product", says Schliff. "With assistance from ECO's incredible network in the entertainment and communications industry, we anticipate Global Change will be a new media hit amongst anyone interested in Planet Earth."

"ECO is thrilled to have our PSA's associated with the work of InterNetwork Media," said ECO's Chairman Larry Kopald. "ECO's goal is to use the power of the communications industry to improve the global environment and cutting edge media projects like Global Change allow us to reach even more people with our empowering public service announcements."

InterNetwork Media develops and produces content­rich multimedia products consistent with their core mission: to further Earth awareness and the issues surrounding global change. In 1994, InterNetwork Media received the Presidential Design Award for Excellence, presented by President Clinton, for the CD-ROM science journal Arctic Data Interactive.

ECO is a non-profit, non­partisan, entertainment industry­based organization that uses the power of communications to improve the global environment. The Board of Directors is comprised of leaders in film, television, radio, music, advertising, and virtually all aspects of communication.

Embracing Earth: Global Change will be branded under the Science InterActive trademark. Embracing Earth and Science InterActive are registered trademarks of InterNetwork Media, Inc. Other completed Science InterActive CD-ROMs include GeoMedia[TM] Turning the Tide, and Surfology 101[TM].

Global Change will be marketed and distributed directly by InterNetwork Media. Distributors and resellers wanted.

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(San Diego, Ca) - Award-winning InterNetwork Media, Inc. launched today their new line of Science InterActive CD-ROMs. The first products in this line are GeoMedia and the EarthPower Series which includes Volcanoes; Earthquakes; Floods and Storms; and Glaciers. Science InterActive will have a profound effect on how educators and parents communicate awareness of the Earth and issues related to global change. The products will be marketed and distributed through educational, specialty, and mass market software channels.

"It's the younger people of our planet who will be most affected by global change issues. Our Science InterActive brand of CD-ROMs are for them, their parents and teachers", says Payson R. Stevens, President and CEO of InterNetwork Media, Inc. "Our goal with Science InterActive is to evoke curiosity and instill a sense of wonder about the Earth."

The Earth comes alive with GeoMedia for students grades 4-9. They will feel the power of the Earth, water, and the cycles of change that make life possible on our planet. They'll explore earthquakes around the globe and travel back millions of years when dinosaurs shook the ground. Travel to the future and see how human activity is related to the Greenhouse Effect. Learn what the carbon and water cycles mean to life on Earth. Then journey to space and map our blue planet from satellites and space shuttles. GeoMedia was developed in conjunction with the U.S Geological Survey through a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA). "GeoMedia offers the opportunity for students to collaborate and learn how to use scientific fact-finding methods to further their understanding of the Earth System," says Denise Wiltshire, of the U.S Geological Survey in Reston, VA.

In the EarthPower Series, users will learn first-hand from world renown scientists as they reveal these incredible forces of nature in never before seen video footage, interviews and illustrations. Spectacular video, hundreds of photographs, detailed animations, professional narration and key features set the stage for a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Features in the series include Case Studies, Tools and Techniques, Flyby QuickTimeš VR tours, The Notebook, The 3D Gallery and World Wide Web Links.

"Science InterActive is a new line of Earth Science CD-ROM products targeted to middle and secondary students and developed with the adherence to Earth-Science Curriculum Standards for schools" says Rob Schliff, Director of Marketing for InterNetwork Media, Inc. "We expect to have a significant impact on science education since it has the most penetration of any educational category - it's used in over 65% of public schools."

Founded in Del Mar (a coastal town 20 miles north of San Diego), InterNetwork Media, Inc. has current CD-ROM releases in the areas of edutainment and school education. Surfology 101 is the their first consumer release that went on to receive national acclaim from USA Today, People Magazine and MTV's Alternative Nation. Turning the Tide, an environmental science title and Surfology 101 are both on travel with Smithsonian Institutes Ocean Planet Exhibit. In 1994, InterNetwork Media received the Presidential Design Award for Excellence presented by President Clinton for the prototype CD-ROM science journal entitled Arctic Data Interactive.

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