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I was CRM’s Scientific Graphics Consultant (1970-73) and primarily responsible for the technical accuracy and conceptual reframing of the design for over 700 illustrations in Biology Today. I designed and wrote the DNA Central Dogma (painted by the world-famous medical illustrator, Frank Armitage) and Structure & Function foldouts (painted by Robert Kinyon).

Tom Suzuki, art director for all textbooks, appreciated my scientific and art training and became a mentor advancing my understanding of publishing, print design, and typography. Many talented artists were commissioned to do the 46 chapter openers and I did the collage opener for “The Environment (chapter 45).” Top designers left the big city to work at CRM, including Don Fujimoto, Leon Bolegnese, and John Odam. Richard Carter was a young designer who worked directly with me, helping to develop new design concepts. It was a heady time, with constant change in the air (1960s-70s), and CRM was at the forefront of transforming the boundaries of print publications with many award-winning textbooks.