Sas 9.4 Server Requirements

The SAS 9.4 Deployment Wizard includes an uninstall feature. When you start the deployment wizard, one of the options is “Uninstall SAS and all components.” SAS installs many components on your computer, and some of these components are required to remove other components. The procedure for uninstalling SAS varies depending on the version you are using. After the SAS Uninstaller is complete, you can use Add/Remove Programs to remove any remaining SAS components. Due to the complexity of this installation, we recommend that you work with your IT staff and the ITS Enterprise Client Management (ECM) team to deploy the software via SCCM. Please send a copy of your license to ITS ECM to and your IT support staff who will assist you. If at any time Setup reports that a component could not be installed, DO NOT CANCEL SETUP. Ask Setup to continue with the errors until the installation wizard completes the installation attempt. Once you`re done, try running Setup again from the beginning. In the vast majority of reported cases, a second installation attempt completes successfully. Use this utility to remove SAS 9.4. Any attempt to manually remove SAS components through Add/Remove Programs may leave Windows in an unstable state.