Rules for an Smp

X7: It is not permitted to place a banner triggering a siege in an area that has been intentionally rendered inaccessible by claims. This includes placing a banner in a walled city or near an area with outposts or claims and triggering a siege. The use of outposts when triggering a siege to give the initiator of the seat an unfair advantage is also against the rules. Violation of these rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban. If you don`t add rules to your server, members can do whatever they want. C5: Your Minecraft username and/nick, if you have one, must comply with all of our rules as well as the following criteria: Failure to comply with these rules will result in a kick/ban. A Minecraft server without rules is called a Minecraft Anarchy server. It depends on what you want, and most importantly, how you know others. If you really trust others, then you probably need fewer rules (like being able to trust people, doing things like leaving funny marks on your base but don`t cry, the biggest extent of this distrust is plugins that prevent other players from touching other players` bases). Although the BadWolf™ beta server is still robust in itself, it does not have the resources dedicated to it like BadWolf™ Alpha or Gamma, and so the rules for Redstone are much stricter: simple mounts can still be made, but any type of Redstone, whether based on clock or tick updates (for example, plant farms), should never be left unattended and certainly never let go. Devices running silently on the beta server are removed without warning. Second, policies increase your server`s retention rate. Players can claim areas in the wild outside the boundaries of other territories and apply their own rules within them, as long as they do not interfere with the server rules.

In the Essentials plug-in folder, navigate to the rules.txt file. When someone uses the /rule command, they see your server`s list of rules. The consequences of violating the rules depend on the rule broken and the conditions under which they are broken. The obvious disregard for theft (1), mourning (2) and fraud rules (4) leads to an immediate ban. The difference between misunderstandings and intentional malevolence is very clear in the server logs and moderators are trained to tell the difference. For Rules 1 and 2, moderators are encouraged to work with the reason stated in the prohibition provided that the malice is intentional. (“Perma-ban: Theft is not tolerated on this server.”) Adding rules to your Minecraft server is important for several reasons. Each Minecraft server must have a list of rules to establish its culture. However, many players enjoy them because they don`t have rules.

No rules. But I`d rather not let people steal and kill for no reason, so no unnecessary grief You can add rules to your Minecraft server by installing the “Essentials” plugin. Do not attack other players without their permission. See Rule 9 for plant variety protection rules. S1: In the event that you are penalized by server employees for breaking the rules, attempts to evade punishment by using other accounts or orders will result in an extension of the existing penalty. The fine print (or how I was banned for being an idiot and not reading the rules). This article provides a list of good Minecraft server rules, templates, and ideas for SMP, survival, and faction servers. By adding rules to your server, it informs members of what they are not allowed to do. In a “server rules room,” you can add rules using characters. With great power comes great responsibility.

or thereabouts. Many of them are already present in the mind in our existing rules (i.e. don`t be a tail), but sometimes it`s good to be clear on a few points: looting of any kind is strictly prohibited in or near well-defined player bases. It doesn`t matter if the player is inactive or has set containers in their residence to true or has no residence at all. If it`s not yours, don`t touch it. This means that you should always protect your property. We can only reset things so far, so if your business isn`t protected and you`ve been offline for a while and someone breaks looting rules, you may have no recourse. Looting is only allowed: These are the official server rules for SMPEarth Public. First, rules help maintain peace and stability on your server. Without rules, members can grieve, fool other players, or promote other servers. You can also add a “server control room” near your Minecraft server.

There is no doubt about that. But even that doesn`t violate the rules. If you teleport to someone`s residence, there is no guarantee that they will be in a safe place. It is your responsibility to only teleport to people/places you trust. If you type something wrong and die as a result, there is no fix. You can, of course, ask the homeowner if they can return the items, but there is no obligation to do so. A Minecraft Anarchy server has few or no rules, and a ban is non-existent. These rules exist to reduce delays and balance the barter economy. Compliance with these rules is a crucial element in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our server for everyone, regardless of age. Chat rules apply to all available channels, from general chat to message to allied city chat, as well as city/nation names, signs, written books, article names, etc., unless otherwise noted. These are punished with warnings, dumbs, kicks and prohibitions if violated.

However, it can be difficult to set rules because they may not be at the top of your head. Plant variety protection is allowed for consensual duels and as a means for groups of cities to apply their own territorial rules. Ideas on what to consider when it comes to rules:- Pvp – Allowed? Allowed on AFK players, or only players present, or neither? Only in designated areas?- Build in other people`s bases? In what way?- Will you have any savings? If so, will there be a special area, or will it be distributed?- Duping – Tnt Duping? Other forms of deception? Things like Chunk Loader that can be bad for server performance?- Will there be municipal projects? Community farms, construction of a Nether hub, etc. – What are the possible sanctions for violating the rules? Who will apply them?- What types of client-side mods are allowed? Optifine, Litematica, absolutely no mods, etc. I`m starting my first SMP and I need to know what rules to have. In cases where it is less obvious, a decision is made by the moderators as a group. All other rules (3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are also subject to this method. Specifically, two moderators can make a decision or, if only one is available at that time, use the Ravenkraft staff Facebook group to get feedback from other moderators.

If a moderator is waiting for comments from others and has reason to worry about the server while the offending party is online, he should temporarily block the violator with the reason: “Temporary ban: pending investigation” in the “rules.txt file. The consequences of violations of Rule 5 are initially subject to the rules of that territory, and if this proves unnecessary, a moderator should be involved to ensure the application of the other rules. The effects on the violation of rules 6, 7, 8 and 9 follow this pattern: kick, kick, temporary ban (one week), perma-ban. Ban calls can be submitted on the forums and will be handled by a forum moderator. The Residence plugin allows you to create residences that automatically save all blocks and chests in the living room. We highly recommend reading the tutorial as this plugin is quite extensive. S5: All scams involving real objects, property or money will be considered bannable and subject to a much harsher penalty.