Quotes Related to Legalism

A misunderstanding of the law always leads to legalism; A high vision of the law makes a person a seeker of mercy. Let us not be deceived by external appearances. Satan “disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). It keeps its deadliest diseases the most hygienic. He dressed his captains in religious robes and housed his weapons in temples. Legalism is a more dangerous disease than alcoholism because it doesn`t look like it. alcoholism makes men fail; Legalism helps them succeed in the world. alcoholism makes men dependent on the bottle; Legalism makes them self-sufficient, not dependent on anyone. Alcoholism destroys moral determination; Legalism gives it strength. Alcoholics do not feel welcome in the church; Legalists like to hear their morality praised in church. The implications of legalism are staggering in their arrogance. Legalism claims that Jesus` death on the cross was either unnecessary or inadequate.

He is basically saying to God: Your plan did not work. The cross was not enough and I must add my good works to be saved. – C.J. Mahaney The convoluted formulations of legalisms have arisen around the need to hide from us the violence we intend to use against each other. Between the withdrawal of an hour from one`s life and the withdrawal from one`s life, there is only one difference in degree. You have done violence to him, consumed his energy. People do not drift towards holiness. Apart from efforts motivated by grace, people do not tend to godliness, prayer, obedience to the scriptures, faith and joy in the Lord.

We drift towards compromise and call it tolerance; We drift towards disobedience and call it freedom; We drift into superstition and call it faith. We appreciate the indiscipline of loss of self-control and call it relaxation; We lean towards the absence of prayer and pretend that we have escaped legalism; We slip into ungodliness and convince ourselves that we have been liberated. “Antinomianism and legalism are not so much opposed to each other, but they are both antithetical to grace. Therefore, Scripture never prescribes one as an antidote to the other. On the contrary, grace, the grace of God in Christ in our union with Christ, is the antidote to both. (156) Jesus saved his harshest words from the hidden sins of hypocrisy, pride, greed and legalism. Tolerance is not a spiritual gift; This is the hallmark of postmodernism; And unfortunately, it has permeated the fiber of Christianity. Why are those who do not have biblical beliefs or theology to direct and direct their actions tolerated and the norm or truth of God`s Word, properly shared and applied, rejected as extreme opinion or legality? If you feel that you can follow a few little rules or some clever tricks to make you a mature Christian, then you have fallen into a subtle trap of legalism. God saves us from the reductionism of such legalism, which anchors spirituality as a set of wooden laws and then says, “If you can do these six, sixteen, or sixty-six things, you will be pious.” Christianity, piety, is much more than a checklist. Being “in Christ” is a relationship, and like all relationships, it deserves disciplined preservation, but never legalistic reductionism. The irony of legalism is that not only does it not make people work harder, it makes them give up.

Moralism does not produce morality; On the contrary, it produces immorality. “Legalism is almost as old as Eden himself. In essence, it is any teaching that denigrates or distorts God`s generous love and the full freedom of His grace. He then distorts God`s grace revealed in His law and does not see the law in its proper context in salvation history as an expression of a merciful father. That is the nature of legalism. In fact, we could say that this is the nature of legalism. (95) In the struggle against the legality of mere obedience, we conclude with the establishment of the most dangerous law of all, the law of the world and the law of grace. In our efforts to combat legalism, we find ourselves in the worst form of legalism. The only way to overcome this legality is through sincere obedience to Christ when He calls us to follow Him; for in Jesus the law is fulfilled and abolished at the same time. Believers have as much to fear from legalism as they do from obstinacy.

The former diverts attention from the beauty of the message, while the latter satisfies it. – Max Anders “Although antinomianism is in one sense the `opposite` error of legalism, in another sense it is the `same` error, for it also ignores God`s law of the person and the character of God (which undergoes no change from the old covenant to the new covenant). He does not recognize that the law that condemns us for our sins was given to teach us not to sin. (141) Only Christ can free us from the prison of legalism, and only if we want to be delivered. We have replaced the proclamation of Christ with an easy-to-listen legalism to do more and try harder. One of the most serious problems facing the Orthodox Christian Church today is the problem of legalism. One of the most serious problems facing the church in Paul`s day was the problem of legalism. It`s the same every day. Legalism snatches the joy of the Lord from the Christian believer, and with the joy of the Lord goes its power to live worship and living service.