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Khajuraho Apsara Series

The photos depicted are from a series taken at the ancient Khajuraho Temples in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on a trip with my wife the writer/poet, Kamla K. Kapur, in 2009. The Khajuraho temple sculptures, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, were built during 950-1150 CE under the Chandel Rajuputs. They are world famous for their depiction of Chandela erotic life in medieval India and are often described as the Kama Sutra temples. The photos are of celestial nymphs, known as apsaras, who are voluptuously portrayed in their daily sensuous lives. I have used the Yakshi Series techniques to combine two ancient, Indian feminine symbolic forms in an interpretive representation of the heavenly erotic and mysterious nature spirits: apsaras and yakshis. They come to us as sublime visions to incorporate into our personal expression.


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