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My Himachal

My Himachal (MH) evolved out of the rural community work of FoGHNP with volunteers from Himachal Pradesh. The late Dr. BhugolChandel was the founder of MH and Avnish Katoch, the second President. I was a founding member (2006) and had the direct, on-the-ground, responsibility to develop, implement, and manage MH projects in the Kullu Valley near GHNP. From 2005-2012 Health Melas (Fairs) were carried out each spring working with doctors from Lady Willingdon Hospital (Manali, HP), especially Drs. Laji and Sheila Varghese and Drs. Kareen and Jeph Mathias. Padam Singh of Ghiyagi Village was the Field Coordinator. Volunteers included doctors, dentists, nurses, and the local community. Thousands of children received health checkups, supplements (vitamins, minerals, deworming), and immunizations against childhood diseases (MMR/measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, and tuberculosis/TB).

In 2008 and 2010 Project Concern International recognized MH’s work with its Hands Across The Border Award. Later working with MH President Anil Chandel, and in partnership with Trinity School (Mohal, Kullu), a student scholarship for two boys and one girl from rural Ghiyagi Village through 10th Grade was set up (2010-17).

Kullu Health Mela, 2006