Are Cigars Legal in Ireland

We also offer a range of handmade cigars from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. On 18 July 2008, Irish Fine Gael MEP Avril Doyle proposed to a European Parliament committee that there should be an EU-wide ban on cigarettes and cigars by 2025. [6] Do not buy cigars from a regular newsagent. Go to Fox`s or The Decent on Grafton Street, explain that you`re new to cigars, and they`ll let you know everything you need to know. In addition, a barcode is allowed, as well as a reseal tab, the weight or number of cigars in the box and the word “cigars” or “cigarillos” For cigars covered by the title of other tobacco products, the outer surface of cigar boxes must be Pantone 448 C with a matte surface. Interior surfaces should be white or Pantone 448 C. In addition, tax stamps and other items required by law are allowed. As for the cigars themselves, it is necessary to add a standardized cigar tape that covers the non-compliant strip and is allowed to indicate the country of origin, although it is also relegated to a single line with a Helvetica font not exceeding 10 points in Pantone Cool Gray 2C. According to the EU directive that triggered the Irish legislation, Member States have the right to exempt cigars and pipe tobacco from neutral packaging regulations applicable to cigarettes, and in our cigar shop you will find the largest selection of high-end handmade Cuban cigars in Ireland, habano`s most famous brands such as Cohiba, Partagas, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Ramon Allones and Bolivar. Our store also offers a range of Cuban cigars in limited and regional editions, as well as aged and vintage cigars. The James Fox store is the only cigar store in Ireland that sources exclusively from official habano agents in Ireland and the United Kingdom, and is the only cigar store in Ireland to carry the Habanos Certificate of Authenticity. Well, guys, I graduated from college next week and wanted to get cigars for that. To be honest, my knowledge of cigars is absolutely shocking.

How literally to have no idea. Smoking in the workplace in Ireland was banned on 29 March 2004. Since then, it has been illegal under the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts to smoke in all enclosed workplaces. The ban is strictly enforced and includes bars, restaurants, clubs, offices, public buildings, company cars, trucks, taxis and vans. A private residence is considered a workplace if craftsmen such as plumbers or electricians work there. €3,000 is the maximum fine on the spot, while a prison sentence can also be imposed at a later date for violations. The law exempts homes, prisons, nursing homes, psychiatric services, hotel rooms, charitable housing and student residences. Some buildings, like some hospitals, prohibit smoking anywhere on the premises. It is illegal for a retailer to sell tobacco products or nicotine inhalation products (including e-cigarettes/vapes) to anyone under the age of 18.

These include cigarette papers or e-cigarette refill bottles/vaping devices. The country`s legal measures have been reviewed by our legal staff in consultation with local lawyers or tobacco control experts. Tip for US citizens visiting IRE, I read that this place will refund your Cuban stogies with Dominican packaging to avoid the hassle of Pre-approval of Dublin Airport. It is still prohibited to import Cuban tobacco into States; Although they only confiscate your cigars, you will be marked in the system for the “next time”. All cigars are ready to be shipped. Non-EU customers can also take advantage of our VAT-free prices and save on our entire range of cigars. The claim was made by the family behind the James Fox cigar shop, which has been selling cigars on Grafton Street for 136 years. All cigars are terrible and no one really likes them. There are a few cigar seats on Grafton Street in Dublin.

The last time I bought cigars was in The Decent Cigar Emporium and they were able to show me a selection of cigars and tell me about them. The Public Health (Standardized Tobacco Packaging) Act 2015, which came into force earlier this month, is mainly aimed at reducing cigarette consumption by introducing plain packaging. Unlike other EU countries, however, there is no exception for high-end hand-rolled cigars or pipe tobacco. Don`t inhale! They`re not like cigarettes, and you`ll spit out your lungs. I strive to capture the essence of a cigar and the people behind it in my work – every cigar you light is the pinnacle of the work of countless people and often represents generations of struggles and stories. For me, it`s about much more than the cigar – it`s about the story behind it, the experience of enjoying the work of artisans, and how a good cigar can bring people together. In addition to my work with Halfwheel, I`m the announcer for the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks during spring practices, as well as the Arizona Fall League Salt River Rafters, the WNBA`s Phoenix Mercury, and the Indoor Football League`s Arizona Rattlers. I also work in a number of roles for, and I`m a voice actor. Previously, I covered the national cigar scene and Phoenix and was editor of Cigar Snob magazine. have not been paid. For more information, see the “Buy Goods Online” section for personal use on this website.

The rules do not apply to motorcycles or convertibles if the roof is completely lowered. What is not allowed are trademarks or trademarks, decorative burrs or embossing, colored or non-transparent adhesives, inserts or onserts. Indoor smoking rooms are not allowed. If you smoke, you have to go out. You can learn more about cash travel and how to report it on the income website. According to a Flash Eurobarometer survey conducted by gallup for the European Commission in 2008, the public is advocating a complete ban on smoking in restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, offices and other indoor workplaces. [2] Since 2009, anti-smoking activists and Irish academics have been calling on the government to introduce such a ban. [8] [9] In July 2011, the Minister of Health stated that he was considering a ban if children were present in the car. [10] On January 1, 2016, due to the regulations, it is a criminal offence for a person to smoke in a private vehicle if more than one person is present and a person under the age of 18 is present. The offence would be the responsibility of the person who smokes, regardless of age. [Citation needed] If you send or receive cash of €10,000 or more by mail, freight or mail, you may need to make a cash return. You read about unaccompanied money on the sales website.

A private vehicle is non-smoking if all of the following conditions are met: Fixed fines and maximum penalties for each offence are listed below: For more information on the sale of age-restricted products, including penalties and fines for the sale of tobacco and nicotine inhalation products to minors, see the following link: For more instructions on how to travel to Ireland with tobacco products, see the “Duty Free” Allowances section of this site.