Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas Rules

All fines and fees can be paid online through the Pennsylvania Court System`s PAePay service.  Note: For an up-to-date list of fees charged by the Ministry of Court Records, see the Ministry of Court Records website: (no www and no com. or gov.).  No appeal may be withdrawn without the consent of all other parties or without leave of absence from the court. To find answers to more common questions, visit the District Court`s website.  Note: As soon as a test list is published, the test data appears as a case number in each individual case in the test list. The case lists are available online at: and click on Civil/Family Division, then click on “Case Search” (in the upper right corner) and enter the file number. In addition, the published test lists are also available on the Civil Division website at  (a) Initial publication of study lists. Trial dates for each semester and the cases to be heard during that quarter are published in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal approximately one hundred and twenty days before the start of each of the trial semesters. It is the responsibility of the District Attorney to oversee the Pittsburgh Legal Journal for the first time a case is placed on a trial list. The publication of trial lists in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal is the only form of notifying the district attorney to list a case for trial. Unrepresented parties and outside-county lawyers who send their address to the Calendar Control Division of the Civil Division (see Local Rule 212.1(3)) will receive notice of the earliest trial date.

The local rules are read in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure as adopted by the Supreme Court and are intended to be a comprehensive guide to practice in the civil and family departments.  Note: Requests for a decision on pleadings submitted before 14:00 on the fortieth (40th) day before the next list of arguments will be placed on this list. Applications submitted less than forty (40) days before the date of the next list of arguments will be included in the following list of arguments. No application for a decision on pleadings may be included in a list of arguments or otherwise heard if the case was on a published list of proceedings prior to the filing of the application without a court order registered by the scheduling judge.  (iii) A pleading may not exceed ten (10) double-spaced pages, except in cases designated as complex or authorized by a court order filed on the basis of a motion filed with the motion judge.  (v) The pleadings of the moving party and the proposed court order are attached to the application under the same cover page and are placed separately on the tabs. Any party opposing the application must file a brief at least seven (7) days before the reasoning and provide a copy of the brief to the judge to whom the argument is attributed.  (iii) The judge supervising the calendar will rule only on preliminary objections to the venue. If they are set aside, the Scheduling Judge issues an order ordering the parties to obtain a hearing date before the application judge on the other preliminary objections.

 Preliminary objections to a declaration of acceptance or a request for the appointment of spectators are not subject to any other local regulations and are subject to the following procedures: (ii) Any evidence that the parties wish the court to examine must be submitted to the Court Records Division at least twenty (20) days before the reasoning. On the “Represent Yourself” page, you will find forms and instructions for the family court. First, watch the introductory video.  (vi) When a transcript is ordered, the person in charge of court reporters obtains the signature of the court reporter and inserts the estimated number of pages and the expected completion date in the appropriate place in the form.  (iii) Identification: for identification purposes, videotape personnel in the courtroom must, on each of the two video recordings, indicate the judicial district, the name of the judge, the case number and caption, the date of the recording, a number that uniquely identifies the recording, and either the letter “A” if the videotape is recorded from the first video recording platform; or the letter “B” if it is recorded by the second video game.  THEY WERE PROSECUTED. If you wish to defend against the claims set forth in the attached copy of the Claim Documents, YOU MUST complete and delete two of the copies of the attached “Notice of Intent to Appear”. A completed copy of the “Notice of Intent to Appear” must be submitted or sent to the Department of Court Records, First Floor, City-County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, and the other completed copy must be sent to the following address within TWENTY (20) days of the date of dispatch of such documents: ______. You are warned that if you fail to do so, the matter may proceed without you and a judgment against you may be rendered by the court without further notice for any amount claimed in the claim or for any other claim or relief sought by the plaintiff. You may lose money, property, or other rights that are important to you. YOU SHOULD BRING THIS DOCUMENT TO YOUR LAWYER IMMEDIATELY.

IF YOU DON`T HAVE A LAWYER OR CAN`T AFFORD ONE, CONTACT OR CALL THE OFFICE LISTED BELOW TO FIND OUT WHERE YOU CAN GET LEGAL HELP.  Note: If the time limits set out in a published test list appear to contradict the time limits otherwise calculated in these rules, the previous time limit shall prevail.  Note: Lists of arguments are placed under “Civil Division” on the Common Pleas Court ( website at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled reasoning date. The list identifies the judge who will hear the argument.  (ii) any other district attorney in a county where the applicant has been convicted of a crime.  By Pa.R.C.P. Requested 212.1 notices must be published in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal, and unrepresented parties and attorneys mentioned in Section 6 of the Praecipe outside the county must be notified that the disputed case (see Form 214w) will be filed.  Note: The Chief Motions Clerk will be in the Motions Judge`s courtroom.

See “Civil Division” on the Common Pleas Court of Allegheny County ( website for the name and courtroom of the judge sitting as the motions judge.  (8) The division of the judicial file on the edge of the precipice with one of the Pa.R.C.P. The required certificate 237.1(a)(2) renders a judgment against the defendant for failing to file an urgent written statement or a copy of the letter of intent within twenty (20) days of service, the damages being assessed in the manner provided for in the regulation.